Principia Belicosa: Sons of Horus Sample Lists.

Keith returns from the Mournival Podcast to chat through some of his favourite lists. In fact, we couldn’t get rid of him and he has provided a plethora of lists for you to enjoy. Keith, it’s all yours.

FactionSons of Horus
FocusBeginner/ starter list
Points Value3000

This list is fairly simple to use. Maloghurst allows you to take Reavers and Vets as troops, Horus unlocks the Justaerin. Our legion elites, all at our beck and call.

Everything infantry marine in this list is scoring, including Maloghurst himself.

With plastic kits, it’s easy to buy lots of your core, and let’s face it, if you’re interested in the Sons, you want Justaerin. You are interested in first strikes. You want to go for the throat.

With only 5 pods you can pick and choose what units enter play first. My preferred deployment would be Machine killer Vets turn 1 to open any heavy armour using Death Dealer.

Then, I normally drop down the Reavers with Maloghurst in the Dreadclaw and stow them in the backfield. These are my reserve objective takers/ assault unit to mop up resistance.

Turn 2, with the Edge of the Spear, it is more than likely that you will get your other 2 pods in. These are your objective grabbers! They all have stubborn with Horus boosting your army leadership by +1.

Then it comes to the big man himself; Horus Lupercal! Casually place him anywhere on the field without scattering and blow a hole in anything unlucky enough to come in a range of his Justaerin bodyguard. Assault survivors at your leisure. LUPERCAL!

The only real problem will be the flyers, as they don’t get to reroll 1’s, but instead, Horus grants you the ability to outflank anything in the army. This means the flyers can get up the table and target whatever they want. That flare shield spartan? What flare shield spartan?

FactionSons of Horus
FocusFun beginner.

This one is a lot of fun.

I have 3 Dreadclaws in this list, but really, they are my distraction carnifexes.

Justaerin and Machine Killer Vets come down first turn. Using Death Dealer they hit on 2’s, using the Long March RoW you get to reroll 1’s. Do I have to tell you how deadly 5 combi plasma bolters are?

This leaves you Attack bikes with the Apothecary and Praetor. Again, using the RoW they gain Fleet in no man’s land, which makes a quick unit, even quicker. Once in Assault, these bikes are tough and deadly. Each bike gets 4 attacks with Hammer Of Wrath and Merciless Fighter. That is 30 attacks and you still have a Praetor and apothecary to swing. These are my secret stars.

At the back, you have 5 Missile launchers that gain Relentless in your deployment zone. With the Siege Breaker you now have a Relentless, Tank Hunter unit that can keep your opponent at arm’s length. With the 3rd Dreadclaw, you can drop that wherever you need to strengthen, and the Tactical squad in a Rhino is a very good objective holder.

All in all, well rounded, mobile, and tactical. The perfect list for beginners to gain a deeper appreciation of the tactical nuance of the game.

An aggressive list bristling with assault troops. Perfect for those who like a challenge, and like painting Reavers.

For Dreadnought lovers. Better in ZM than a pitched battle.

And with that we conclude the Sons of Horus tactica articles. My undying thanks go to Keith and Darren for thier insights. I hope to host them again on whatever thoughts they may have moving forward in the Heresy.

What legion should we cover next?

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