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Online Tuition: Introductory Courses

The taster menu of our tuition courses. This module concentrates on developing our overall understanding of painting miniatures. Perfect for the beginner to pro, from commission painter to private enthusiast. This module covers the widest set of topics in the shortest amount of time. Subscribe to online tuition!

Online Tuition: Weathering Masterclass

Weathering has become a staple of many artists’ styles and has become a popular discipline for Horus Heresy enthusiasts. This module concentrates on the techniques used to build convincing weathering on your miniatures. We also discuss what styles of weathering are appropriate for your miniatures. Subscribe to online tuition!

Online Tuition: Brush Masterclass.

The cornerstone of any miniature painters repertoire; the brush stroke is the technique of masters and beginners alike. This module develops your understanding of how to use the brush to create different effects. This is the start of the journey that will take a lifetime to master. Subscribe to online tuition!

Online Tuition: Colour Theory Masterclass

The Rosetta Stone for miniature painters who wish to elevate their work. This is a large subject that is referred to time and again in your lessons. We learn how about colour schemes and how to construct our own. We develop our understanding of colour mixing, colour choice and creating a tone for our miniatures.…
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Online Tuition: Textures Masterclass

The best miniatures have a multitude of different textures and surfaces for the artist to play with. This module develops your understanding on how to manipulate the brush stroke to generate different textures. From stippling to wet blending, this course creates a deeper understanding of how to differentiate elements of the miniature through our painting.…
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Online Tuition: Freehand Masterclass.

Possibly the most challenging discipline that we will encounter. This module aims to demystify the process, creating a clear and concise methodology for creating freehand designs on your miniature. Patreon Tuition link

Online Tuition: Painting Black (and other colours) Masterclass.

This module concentrates on developing one of the most testing hues that a miniature painter can tackle. We concentrate on creating interesting black surfaces, ranging from polished armor to broken leather. Other colours available Patreon Link

Online Tuition: Painting Tanks

Creating Beautiful tanks isn’t a chore, its a pleasure! Come and find out how to break down even the largest of tanks into manageable portions. We learn how to use oils, weathering powders and the airbrush to create not so miniature works of art. Subscribe to online tuition! If tuition places are full not to…
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Online Tuition: Basics

Where do all the greatest stories start? At the beginning of course! We look a the fundamental practices that knock your painting into shape. We put you on the right road to walk down and develop yourself as an artist. From paint brushes, paintings and materials we discuss what suits you best. Subscribe to online…
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Online Tuition: Painting Knights

Subscribe to online tuition! If tuition places are full not to worry. We open new slots every quarter. We also have a library of 4K videos, PDF support, and seminars to aid your development as a painter.