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Principia Belicosa, World Eaters. Sample Army Lists.

Sample Army Lists Mid Heresy: Armoured Berserkers (3000 points Frontline mode) This is a variant of a list I usually run in 3k games in my local club where it has done pretty well. I have given up Surlak and Inductii in favour of transports and mobility, but you could swap out the assault marines…
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Principia Belicosa, World Eaters: Allies & Tactics.

“You served well, Gharte.” Khârn disengaged the seals at the warrior’s throat, lifting the helm clear. There wasn’t much left of the sergeant’s face. Something must have reflected in Khârn’s expression, for Gharte made his devastated face into something like a grin. “That bad, eh?” he asked. His gurgling laughter became another cough. Khârn’s reply…
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Maloghurst the Twisted. Conversion Commission

…the law to him / is like a…cobweb to a spider, / …to entangle those shall feed him The Duchess of Melfi The Twisted – one of the most compelling characters from the Horus Heresy series. Broken on campaign, Horus’ equerry needed to find gainful employment elsewhere. Devoting himself to the darker arts post-Isstvan, the…
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