The Lords of Undeath, Prince Duvalle leads the coterie of Soulblight Gravelords known as the Crimson Court, a band of murderers who satisfy their cruelty on the Warhammer World. This tutorial series concentrates on developing your brushwork on complex objects. We also tackle the challenges of skin and decayed armor. This is a living document that will receive regular updates based on your feedback.


In this tutorial series we cover:

  • How to paint a variety of Vampiric skin tones from pale purple, to undead white.
  • How to use wet blending to create structure.
  • How to use layering to refine the chaos of the wet blend and create individual works of art.
  • How to apply Blood Effects without drenching the miniature in gore.
  • How to create fantastical fluo. green basing (perfect for Mordheim bands as well).
  • How to develop your brushwork on complex surfaces.

This is a masterclass tutorial series, suitable for intermediate to advanced miniature painters.


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