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#returntoisstvan: Sons of Horus Reavers Showcase.

Reaver squads epitomised the Sons of Horus Legion’s way of war. Heavily influenced by the tactics used in the incessant tribal warfare of Chthonian, Reaver units specialised in lightning-swift assaults which maimed and disabled their foes; striking down leaders, and mercilessly cutting down any who were weak or isolated. The first unit of the #returntoisstvan…
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Principia Belicosa. Sons of Horus Legion Tactica: Special Units.

“‘I was there,’ he would say afterwards, until afterwards became a time quite devoid of laughter. ‘I was there, the day Horus slew the Emperor.’ Garviel Loken We get into the juicy bits now with our own chronicler of the damned Darren Winter. This issue takes a look at the elite of the Sons of…
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