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How do they fly? Forge World Lightning Commission

The Forge world Lightning is one of the coolest-looking models I’ve ever seen. It’s simple and elegant, but still has plenty of detail to take in. The model itself is obviously a flyer, but you can also use it as an aerial escort for your army. I finished the Lightning without a lot of fuss…
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Wargaming Christmas Gift Guide 2022.

Wargaming Christmas Gift Guide 2022. “A good gift really is something you need but isn’t that fun to buy. Paint brushes, that expensive model you can’t really justify.”Jonathan Strugnell – Master of Ceremonies. Lost on what to get your partner this year? Looking to scratch an itch you didn’t even know you had? Welcome to…
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Descent of Angels – Sanguinius Commission.

I can feel the groan go up from the gallery. I know I’ve painted a lot of Sanguinius! And no I’m not sick of it! I’m going to paint MORE! I finally feel at peace with the entire diorama. It’s such a complex piece. So many different light sources, textures, and volumes of exquisitely sculpted…
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Dark Angel Corswain, Paladin of the Ninth Order.

Dark Angel Corswain Dark Angel Corswain, was a Paladin-Captain of the 9th Order of the Dark Angels Legion, and a member of Lion El’Jonson’s personal Honour Guard during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. A warrior of great skill and renown in the Legiones Astartes of old, his name could be counted alongside such illustrious figures as Jago Sevatarion of the Night Lords, Ezekyle Abaddon of the Sons of Horus, Chapter Master Raldoron of the Blood Angels and Lord…
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How to Paint The KRATOS TANK – Horus Heresy

How to Paint The KRATOS TANK The Kratos Heavy Assault Tank is based on an Ancient Terran pattern fielded during the Unification of Old Earth, redesigned after the Emperor’s treaty with the Lords of Mars to serve as the spearhead of the Great Crusade, a line-breaker and foe hammer. This grinding battle tank is all…
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Who were the Ultramarine Locutarus Assault Marines?

Ultramarine Locutarus Assault Marines. A Locutarus Storm Squad was an elite specialised assault formation utilised exclusively by the Ultramarine Legion during the 30th and 31st Millennium. These elite units were maintained in small numbers by the majority of Chapters within the Ultramarines Legion, and deployed particularly in vanguard and strike formations. Each warrior of the Locutarus had been…
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Never Underestimate The Blood Angel Spartan

Blood Angels Spartan When I think of the silhouette of a Horus Heresy force there are certain models that stand out. The Contemptor pattern dreadnought, the wonderful Praetor set, cataphractii terminators, the Sicaran and, of course, the Spartan. The Spartan has been a hallmark of Heresy gaming since the beginning. A big chunk of resin that was…
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A Tale of Heresy Gamers. Month 5: WASTED.

This month is a brutal one. We don’t have 1, or 2, but 3 Warlords bite the dust! We knew there would be casualties, but by god, 3 in 1 month – it’s like Isstvan all over again! What is the Tale of Heresy Gamers challenge? This is the Warlord’s journey. The path of power, or…
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The Community Celebrates the Kratos – HORUS HERESY SPOTLIGHT

Last week I put out a call to the community for Kratos submissions. And I was not disappointed! We received a deluge of responses. Apologies to anyone who was not featured. But feast your eyes on these beauties! Maloki Paints

All You Need To Know About Sons of Horus Kratos.

Sons Of Horus Kratos “The Legionaries Astartes had a huge hole in their battle line – they needed a mainline battle tank.” We already had superheavies. We already had smaller support vehicles based on the Rhino chassis. So it’s lovely to get a tank that sits neatly between these classes. A donkey to carry the…
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