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Tutorial: Sons of Horus

Learn to create the tricky to master Sons of Horus scheme. This complete video will give you a full introduction to the trails of creating a custom scheme and setting a tone with your miniatures. Develop your understanding of colour theory, oil application, and creating a workflow for your models. What you will learn in…
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#returntoisstvan – Visual Library of Choral City, The Precentors Palace & Siren Hold.

Istvaan III had two primary battlefronts: The Precentor’s Palace and The Siren Hold within Choral City. The images have been gathered from the Forge World’s Betrayal and the Horus Heresy Trading Card game. Unfortunately, most images do not have a description of where they are set. I’ve used my best judgement based on the descriptions…
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#Returntoisstvan – Isstvan III project log 1. Blame it on Saul.

April 2020. The height of quarantine boredom. Saul Tarvitz is released and a member of our gaming group mentions something about always wanting to do an Emperors Children army. How great were the older black books? Always wanted to play through the scenarios. We should do it. We should totally open a bar!… ahem I…
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Online Tuition: Painting the Legions.

Have you struggled to get that perfect Sons of Horus Green? Don’t know how much weathering to apply to your miniature? Struggling to visualize a unique project? We’re here for you. This module combs through your collection and gives a complete overview of the paint scheme, modulation, weathering, and theme.