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2 EASY ways to fill SPACE MARINE Shoulder gaps.

2 EASY ways to fill SPACE MARINE Shoulder gaps. INFURIATING! Aren’t they? What a callous place to place the gap! Well, this video will give you 2 EASY techniques to cover it up. SUBSCRIBE FOR ALL NEW VIDEOS AND LIVE STREAMS

Heresy Character Sculpting Course Flashback

Heresy Character Sculpting Course. On the 23rd-24th of April, 6 strangers gathered in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Cardiff. Little did they know how much they would rely on the tender mercy of vaseline by the end of the weekend. Yes! That really is the opening to the Character Sculpting Course held at…
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Sisters of Battle

The Blood of Martyrs is the Seed of the Imperium: Sisters of Battle Hospitaller

Sisters of battle Hospitaller The Blood of Martyrs is the Seed of the Imperium. No words are as dear to the Order of the Living Martyr. No other mantra rings as true, serving as they do on the bloody edge of Crusade’s Edge. The Sisters of the Order of the Living Martyr have a singular…
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How to Paint World Eaters: Lil’Legend Masterclass

How to Paint World Eaters by Lil’Legend Studio “Glory? Glory is for those too weak to find their inner strength, leaving them hollow parasites, feeding on the affection of even lesser men. Glory is for cowards, too afraid to let their names die.” Bucher’s Nails – Aaron Dembski Bowden. Berserkers, children of the broken god,…
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white scar tutorials

How to Paint White Scars Masterclass

How to Paint White Scars by Lil’Legend Studio. Known as the pathfinders of the Great Crusade, the White Scars ranged ahead of the advance of humanity. The sons of Chogoris rode to battle atop metal steeds, laughing as they slaughtered all before them. As swift as the blade, as sudden as lightning, the White Scars…
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Lil'Legend Advent Calendar

? Merry Christmas! Here’s a hobby stocking filler. ?

? ANOTHER YEAR, ANOTHER HOBBY STOCKING FILLER FROM THE ADVENT CALENDAR! ? What was in it this year? WELL, highlights include not one, but TWO STL files courtesy of the House Barteth Patreon project, a chunky contribution from our sponsors: Airbrushes.com Conversion World Redgrass Games Unreal Wargaming Broken Toad Brushes We had FULL tutorials for…
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How to paint: Justearin Terminator Lord.

Just how do you paint Justaerin? Welcome to this full how to paint Justaerin Terminator Lord tutorial. From painting black armour to creating a brutal mace head and fire embers on the base – we cover the lot. This miniature is a domineering, inspiring figure of dread, perfect to lead your warriors on the nightmare…
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5 MUST HAVE paints?

What are the must-have colours you need to create your art? Every artist has go-to colours. Those slippery eels manage to worm their way onto your palette no matter the project. I’ve been especially aware of my own shifting proclivities developing miniature painting courses over the years. Like your favourite movie or colour, my ‘top…
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HORUS HERESY: Imperial Fists Army Commission.

–If the Warmaster has turned his back on Terra, what are my orders? –Tell him his brother Rogal will have him answer for it. Rogal Dorn to Sigismund. Who says yellow is hard to paint? This commission was very specific – the client wanted a grimdark paint job. These are not the golden defenders of Terra,…
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WARHAMMER How to Speed Paint Bad Moon Orks or Beast Snagga Boyz – FREE TUTORIAL

WARHAMMER How to Speed Paint Bad Moon Orks or Beast Snagga Boyz – FREE TUTORIAL. Enjoy! Get access to EVERY TUTORIAL YOU SEE for $15. 10% DISCOUNT when you purchase an annual subscription.