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Redgrass Games Wet Palette v2: Better than your Tupperware box?

A wet palette is a great tool for every painter. It is the surface where you will mix your paint, try different paint consistencies and prolong the working time of your acrylic paints. The Redgrassgames has been the market leader since day 1. As a painter, one of the biggest challenges I face is keeping…
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How to Paint the Living Martyr Tyde Veil – Sisters of Battle

How to Paint the Living Martyr Tyde Veil – Sisters of Battle How to Paint the Living Martyr Tyde Veil – Sisters of Battle The Anchorite.  In Christianity, an anchorite  is someone who, for religious reasons, withdraws from secular society so as to be able to lead an intensely prayer-oriented, ascetic, or Eucharist-focused life. While anchorites are frequently considered to be a…
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How to Paint. Colour Theory 102 PDF

How to Paint. Colour Theory. Frustrated with colour? Don’t know how to create custom colour schemes? Confused as to why your colour doesn’t seem vibrant? This is the document for you. This is a limited release – only available until November 21st 2022. Please make sure to download the documents and keep them for your…
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How to Paint Lucius the Faultless Blade

How to Paint: How to Paint Lucius the Faultless Blade. The pre-eminent duelist of the Legiones Astartes, Lucius was the pinnacle of what the program could produce. Fast, skillful, and oh so arrogant, Lucius cut through loyalists and traitors alike in his quest for mastery of the blade.  Or so he would have you believe.…
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How to paint the Lliwaur: Necromunda Chaos Cult

How to Paint Chaos Cult: Sedition breeds like rats in the darkness of the Hive. The mutant, the deviant, and, occasionally, the prophet are all called to make the change from the Sump Bottom-up. No one knows where the tradition of the Mari Lwyd originates, but folklorists believe it is a ritual remnant of pre-Imperial…
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In Thrall to the Crimson King: Thousand Sons Castellax-Achea Commission

Never ones to squander their ranks in bloody attrition, the Thousand Sons Legion employed unliving battle-automata as obedient, resilient, and ultimately expendable shock assault units. As with every other facet of warfare, the Legion believed their psychic arts could improve upon these robotic weapons – and with the secret assistance of their allies in the…
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How to Paint: Sons of Horus Dreadnought Masterclass

How to Paint: Sons of Horus Dreadnought by Lil’Legend Studio. How to Paint: Sons of Horus Dreadnought Masterclass. A Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought is an ancient Imperial cybernetic combat walker that houses the hounoured dead of the Legion.  In death, duty does not end.  Like the current patterns of Dreadnought, the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought served as a…
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5 Awesome Tutorials – Vote to Decide the next to be made.

Tutorial Vote – YOU DECIDE! Marines, marines, marines – we’ve painted a lot of marines recently. Once we round up the Dreadnought Masterclass we’d love to throw the floor open to the weird and the wonderful. And more marines. Which tutorial should be made next? YOU DECIDE!

2 EASY ways to fill SPACE MARINE Shoulder gaps.

2 EASY ways to fill SPACE MARINE Shoulder gaps. INFURIATING! Aren’t they? What a callous place to place the gap! Well, this video will give you 2 EASY techniques to cover it up. SUBSCRIBE FOR ALL NEW VIDEOS AND LIVE STREAMS

Heresy Character Sculpting Course Flashback

Heresy Character Sculpting Course. On the 23rd-24th of April, 6 strangers gathered in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Cardiff. Little did they know how much they would rely on the tender mercy of vaseline by the end of the weekend. Yes! That really is the opening to the Character Sculpting Course held at…
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