Ultramarine Signifier, Legion Herald. Commission.

We have been wounded sorely. Yet still we stand, with fire in our eyes and valour in our hearts. Let them think us beaten. We shall teach them otherwise.


One of the lesser-used consul choices, the Legion Herald offers some wonderful buffs for an army. Although you cannot buy a jet pack for the consul (grumble, grumble) this model can play the role of a legion champion or chaplain in-game.

Two aspects of the miniature jump out on reflection. The Sword of Hera was painted to represent the shimmering power field surrounding the energized steel. I used light reflection that form underwater as reference points to give an unusual glimmer. The Amorial was also given careful consideration, as it stands almost as a character in and of itself. The true metallics used nonmetallic principles to create appropriate lighting effects.

Both the sword and banner are covered in the Ultramarine Tutorial course (click on the image below and enjoy!)

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