How to Paint Abaddon the Despoiler Tutorial Masterclass


How to Paint Abaddon the Despoiler.

Warmaster, Son of a Murdered Father, Lord of the Black Legion, Abaddon is the bane of the Imperium. Forged in the cauldron of the Great Crusade, Abaddon has risen to preeminence amongst the traitor legions. A leader of fanatical will and clear vision, it is Abaddon who has united the forces of the eye to striking at the Imperium that betrayed the Legions so long ago.

This masterclass delves into the character of the Warmaster and presents a detailed tutorial series on how to paint this Lord of Chaos. From the Talon to underglow, we cover it all.

This is a comprehensive learning resource for how to Paint Abaddon, Warmaster of Chaos. This masterclass takes you through painting every aspect of this miniature in an easily digested, multi-part series.

How to Paint Abaddon the Despoiler series covers:

  • How to Paint the TALON OF HORUS
  • Blood and Skulls
  • Black and Gold Reborn
  • Snow Basing
  • BONUS Abaddon – the Heresy years.

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