Commission Painting

Commission Painting

Commission Painting is a daunting world for many. What are the prices? How long can I expect a commission to take? What will the quality be like? When you commission us, you are commissioning a dedicated set of artists who want to produce works that you are proud of. Just tell us what you want from your commission on the entry form and we’ll start the conversation. During the course of the work, we’ll send regular updates upon request to tailor the work to your specific needs.

Unlike other commission painting studios, we do not offer levels of service. When I first started to paint professionally I found it incredibly frustrating not to add that extra detail, highlight, or wash to bring a project to life. I invest so much of my life into the paint job, so why not go the extra step to invest it with a little soul?


Your Vision, Your Army.

Developing your vision is what we specialize in. We like to start a design consultation, jotting down your impressions and creating a unique brief for you. We begin translating that vision into reality, working closely with you to develop YOUR vision. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most inspired people in the hobby, realizing the most boutique collections on the planet.

Custom Sculpted Character Models

Lil’Legend Studio is best known for producing one-off works of art for the collector. We can create completely unique sculpts for you, or convert extisting pieces.

Each commission starts with a conversation. We learn what it is that resonates with you about the character, why it reflects your personality and how best can we express that through the paint work. We take the time to craft YOUR character, how you see them in the universe. learn more

Vehicles & Large Models

There are few finer sights in the hobby than a well-painted tank bestriding the battlefield, or adorning your display cabinet. Like characters, we specialize in bringing the little details to life; every oil streak has a story, each chipped armour plate a tale.

Ensure your vehicle gets the very best treatment in weathering, colour modulation, special effects and oil streaking. learn more


Imagine applying the same level of care and love normally reserved for infantry and applying it to an entire army.

When we take on larger-scale commissions we invest ourselves as if these were our own collections. Each army we have painted has been hard to part with and has become the joy of collectors around the world. From tournament armies to collections only dreamt of in your imagination, we will translate your inspiration onto the tabletop. For the absolute best results we recommend buying resin bases from Unreal Wargaming Bases (order through us for a discount). learn more