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What courses are available via the Miniature Painting Lessons?


For first-time students to the Miniature Painting Lessons, I recommend the introductory course which covers 6 touchstones of miniature painting:

• Introductory course to miniature painting

• Preshading miniatures. (airbrush and brush) • Colour application (Airbrush and Brush) • Colour Theory • Simple weathering • Advanced weathering • Brush Control The above offers a good overview of the techniques I use every day to paint miniatures. For a more thorough interrogation of these subjects, we break each down into 3-4 lessons with greater students participation.
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Looking for more advanced courses?


The above offers a good overview of the techniques I use every day to paint miniatures. For a more thorough interrogation, the Miniature Painting Lessons can break each subject down into 3-4 lessons with greater students participation. These courses include:

• Airbrush Masterclass

• Brush control Masterclass • Weathering Masterclass • Colour Theory Freehand Masterclass Students who graduate from these targeted lessons may choose individual projects to concentrate on. We create custom palettes for your miniatures using the information gleaned from the lessons, and I guide you through each step of the process. Each lesson is approximately 40 minutes long and is subject to availability.

That sounds awesome! How do I sign up?

What if there are no spaces on the tuition courses?

I wish there were more hours in the day! Unfortunately, the Miniature Painting Lessons were incredibly quick. I do not oversell places to ensure each student is guaranteed time during the month. If you would like to book a one off consultation you can do so here:


Every quarter new spaces are made available to new students. If you would like to join the waiting list please contact me. It’s been a busy month and I missed my time. Is it lost? No, it is not. I understand that in the hierarchy of life’s priorities, miniature painting should be waaaaaay down the list. Lessons can be rolled over for up to 1 year from the time of the missed appointment. As long as you are still a student on the tuition tier, you will not lose your time. If you would like to be taught in person check out our Tuition roadmap. If you would like to host a class and at least 10 people will attend, please contact me.

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Live Tuition Courses

Do you prefer to learn in person? Check out our Road Map to see if a course is coming your way. Don’t worry if you can’t see any listed – it just means we are organising new dates. If you can’t see one in your area, why not request one?

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Available Miniature Painting Lessons Courses

Here’s a sample of the range of courses available to you. These are taught every month to online students from around the world. If you would like to develop your painting skills further sign up to Patreon for monthly in-depth tutorials, seminars and PDF guides.

If you would like a one off consultation then book one today! 

Skin Tone Masterclass

1-3 Lessons

• Theory of Skin tones

• Developing skin tones • Brush technique • Colour choice • The 1-hour bust challenge More Info

Painting Black (and other colours) Masterclass

• Simple black armour and cloth

• Weathered black armour and cloth • Polished black armour • Other colours available More Info


3-6 Lessons

• Theory of TMM & NMM

• Colour choice • Brush application • Heroic or villainous gold • Merits and drawbacks of TMM & NMM • Bounce reflections and specular highlights More Info

Introductory 6 Lesson Course

• Pre-shading miniatures (airbrush and brush)

• Colour application (airbrush and brush) • Colour theory • Simple weathering • Advanced weathering • Brush control More Info

Brush Masterclass

• Brush control

• Paint dilution • Brush care • Layering & glazing • Stripping • Loaded brush More Info

Textures Masterclass

2-4 Lessons

• Leather

• Cloaks (silk to cracked old leather) • Polished armour • Battle damaged armour More Info

Weathering Masterclass

2-4 Lessons

• Realistic chipping

• Colour choice and ambience • Mud and grime • Oil & rust streaking • Weathering powder application • Use of oils & enamels More Info

Colour Theory

4 Lessons

• Brief introduction to colour theory

• Colour primaries and application • Choice of colour • Colour mixing and matching • Value, saturation & contrast More Info

Painting Infantry

2+ Lessons

• How to paint basic infantry

• Developing steps and a routine to paint the horde • Application of decals • Simple weathering • Developing bespoke colour schemes More Info

Painting Tanks

3-5 Lessons

• Understanding the pre-shade

• Developing a step by step process • Simple weathering • Mud, grime and oil effects • Application of decals • Developing bespoke colour schemes More Info

Painting Knights, Titans & Dreadnoughts

• Understanding the pre-shade

• Simple and advanced Masking • Weathering in scale • Mud, grime and oil effects • Application of decals • Developing bespoke colour schemes More Info

Painting Basics

• Colour Mixing

• Colour choice and ambience • Brush technique • OSL and when to apply • Advanced textures • The 1 hour bust challenge More Info

Freehand Masterclass

• Pre-shading miniatures (Airbrush & Brush) • Colour Application (Airbrush & Brush)

• Colour Theory • Simple Weathering • Advanced Weathering • Brush Control More Info

Introduction to Airbrushing

• The fundamentals of airbrushing

• How to clean and maintain your brush • Simple exercises to improve accuracy and technique • Colour suggestions to avoid dry tip and spitting More Info

Painting the Legions

• The ultimate guide to painting the legions

• Design a custom palette for your force • Custom weathering. • Custom army theme (I’ll even try and help with a list!) More Info

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