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Liber Chaotica: How to paint Black Legion Tutorial Masterclass Course

How to PaintĀ Black Legion Masterclass by Lil’Legend Studio The Black Legion are the vanguard of Chaos – the ultimate nemesis to the failing Imperium. Once thought to be the Sons[…]

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Lil’Legend Hobby CoursesTickets are NOW LIVE

Hobby Courses šŸŽØ What are the Hobby Course Challenge Weekends? šŸŽØ Get your stuff painted! Thatā€™s the challenge, thatā€™s the goal. Each weekend is a themed eventGuided by an instructor[…]

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Endryd Haar the Riven Hound

Endryd Haar, known as theĀ Riven Hound, was a member of theĀ World EatersĀ during theĀ Great CrusadeĀ and led a warband ofĀ Blackshields, known as the “Fangs of the Emperor”, during theĀ Horus Heresy.A brutal commander,[…]

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Fantasy Tale of Gamers – Month 1, What you need to know.

Old World challenge. A new year, the promise of a new adventure – what better way to smash into 2024 than ride the zephyr of Old World enthusiasm? We have[…]

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