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Badab After Dark – Tale of Gamers Challenge

BADAB AFTER DARK The Badab War fought between 901.M41 and 913.M41, raised questions about the sovereignty of its warriors, its borders and the workings of the Adeptus as a whole.[…]

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How to Paint Alpha Legion Masterclass

How to Paint  Alpha Legion Masterclass by Lil’Legend Studio The Alpha Legion, during the time of the Horus Heresy, were a secretive and enigmatic Space Marine Legion, feared and respected[…]

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How to Paint Imperial Fists Masterclass

How to Paint Imperial Fists Legion by Lil’Legend Studio The Imperial Fists, stalwart defenders of the Imperium, were among the most revered Space Marine Legions during the time of the[…]

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How to Paint Raven Guard Masterclass

How to Paint Raven Guard by Lil’Legend Studio Known for their stealthy tactics and shadowy nature, the Raven Guard were the Emperor’s judgment upon the seditionist, the agitator, and the[…]

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