FAQ: Commissions

Commissioning someone is easy. Finding the right artist is the hard part.

What information do I need to submit to get a quote?

Simply fill in our submissions form (FOUND HERE)

Name: First and Last name.

Country: Where would we be shipping the completed miniatures to?

Models: What models do you wish us to paint? Please include quantities.

Notes: Anything you want to add such as imagery, sample colour schemes etc we’d love to hear it! The more informtation you can give, the closer the final result will be to your vision. 

What is the turn around time on models?

Each job will be allocated a definite timeline before any monies are exchanged. If you have a tournament coming up, or need them by a certain date please let us know and we will do our best to fit your schedule. Each project will have a different time line depending on the project. Quality is always paramount in our working practice, with regular updates upon client request to ensure each step of the commission is mapped.

Can you supply the models?

We can indeed, however all miniatures and material costs must be paid up front. We work with the very best talent in the industry who kindly offer deals on purchases which we can pass onto you.

Do you magnetise models?

We do. Please note this down in the submissions form so we can include it in your quote.

I’d love to get a piece painted by you, but I’m not sure I can afford it. Can I?

You’d be surprised by what we can do for you. Let us know your budget in the submissions form and we can discuss payment plans to fit your dream army into your budget. Let’s start a conversation. 

Do you offer any painted pieces for charities?

We do have a limited number of spaces for charity work per year. Please contact us for more details.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, absolutely!

Are custom fees included in the quote?

No, unfortunetly you will be liable to pay any associated taxes and import fees associated with your place of living. 

Do you take single piece commissions?

Yes – it’s what we specialise in! Check out our Gallery.

Do you provide safe packaging?

Absolutely. Each miniature is packed with care and the individual sculpts are secured. Accidents however, do occur – that’s why we offer a comprehsnive follow up service to ensure your miniatures are perfect. All packages will be sent via recorded delivery with tracking infomration for piece of mind. 

Do you take army commissions?

Oh Lord yes! We love armies. We specialise in one off collections tailored to your vision. These army pieces are for you to treasure. 

Will my models appear on the patreon guides?

It very much depends on the project. While most pieces are filmed, we may choose to space out releases. 4-5 months of Ultramarine tutorials wouldn’t be very interesting! We reserve the right to use any media content to create turorial guides.

What type of payment do you use?

Paypal and international bank transfers.

Can I ask for updates?

We positively encourage it. Simply send us a message and we will ping you a picture of your project. But don’t be disappointed if it’s still in box – we work many months in advance to ensure each project is tailored to our clients wishes. 

I love it! But I would like a few small changes – can we do that?

We do encourage you to communicate with us as much as possible during the painting process and give us as much imforation at the outset as possible to fully realise your vision. However, like a suit fitting, there may be a few changes that we are needed. Please contact us to discuss further alterations (an additional fee may apply if changes are significant).