Fantasy Tale of Gamers – Month 1, What you need to know.

Old World challenge.

A new year, the promise of a new adventure – what better way to smash into 2024 than ride the zephyr of Old World enthusiasm? We have a new cast of warlords, a new world to conquer, and new dragons to slay (or ride).

What is it? 

The gauntlet has been set before you. Collect a fantasy-themed army within a year. This can be from any range (Gw/ mantic/ 3d print) and set in any universe (aos/Warhammer fantasy/ lord of the Rings). Every month I will be setting a challenge for you, the warlord, to set out and conquer. Each month I will declare a warlord of the month who will set a secondary, bonus objective. 

If you would like to join in, tag anything you paint with #hobbyhammer and look out for new challenges here or via our discord server (completely free to join). 

MONTH 1 – January

The first challenge for this month – DECLARE YOUR ALLEGIANCE.

1) What faction are you collecting?
2) The name of your Lord?
3) How much do you plan to collect?

Bonus pledge:

4) What do you hope to achieve by painting this force? Are you trying out a new technique? Do you want to paint to take to tournaments? What’s the thrust of your ambition?

For my pledge:

1) Chaos Warband (Fangs of Ly’Kaos)
2 ) Jzhar Bane the Mad.
3) 2k points (old fantasy – who knows in this)

4) I’d like to see if I can create a display army that’s fun to game with. I’ve never collected chaos in fantasy before –
My first and only love of the Druchii being swallowed up by the end times.

Chaos is the cornerstone of the Warhammer universe and boasts an outrageous range of sculpts. I’ll be using the new plastics from AOS to create the force, basing them off a raiding party – the forerunners of Krull’s invasion south.

I imagine the army to revolve around hard-hitting knights,
Diversionary dogs, backed by marauders/ beastmen. I can already see this army will severely lack in shooting, so this army will live or die in the movement phase.

How it went.

January has been made tolerable by launching a new tale of gamers challenge. The chat has been red hot (unlike the weather) with warlords planning out their collection for the year. 

Highlights for me have included Max’s flip-flopping from a Mousillon-themed army, to a late Dark Ages (check) Bretonnian force. (I’d go in harder on this if the test pieces weren’t so good) to an overview of a Cult of Slaanesh collection (playing to the gallery with that one). 

The wip section has been rounding out nicely and we’ve even started to see finished pieces from warlords! The mark gibbons inspired dark elf executioners are a particular delight as are x 

I fully hope to see sections of lore, battles and other tales of victory and despair fill the challenge section. 

The warlord of the month is…. LYCANOAR!

This member has gone above and beyond, detailing army themes, drawing intelligent inspiration from background art, and has developed a test piece for his army. Congratulations, you are the Chosen of January. 

February Challenge

Next month, the challenge is (drum roll please)…

Paint 500 points of your army.

Bonus: Paint a banner for your force.

Tag your work with #hobbyhammer or join the discord to enjoy the challenge. May fortune favour your blades warlords.


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