Lil’Legend Academy: Colour Theory

Lil'Legend Studio Unit 14 J Shed, Swasnea, Glamorgan, United Kingdom

Lil'Legend Academy: Painting Course - Colour Theory DATE: 1st June 2024 Location: Lil'Legend Studio, Unit 14, J Shed Kings Road Swansea SA1 8PL * Learn how to interpret and use the colour wheel to create more dynamic paint jobs on your miniatures. Learn the basics of colour theory, usage and simple colour mixing in this…
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We've all got them in the pile of opportunity, those boxes of dreadnoughts waiting to be painted. We'll grab a ticket and head to South Wales for our FIRST challenge weekend - DREADNOUGHTS. By the end of the weekend you will have painted a dreadnought to a professional standard. Learn all the tricks, tips and…
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Lil’Legend Academy: Painting Course Skin Tones and Faces

Lil'Legend Academy: Painting Course Skin Tones and Faces 'Faces and bases - a lot can be forgiven in between.' Anon As miniature artists our choice of canvas is largely chosen for us - you buy a miniature with a screaming face, you're going to paint a miniature with a screaming face! But, we can choose…
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Lil’Legend Academy: Painting Course Freehand

Lil'Legend Academy: Painting Course - Freehand It's not as hard as you think, I promise. This course aims to demystify the entire process, showing you a simple to follow guide on how to recreate any image, and scale it for your tabletop miniatures. This one-day course is designed to give you process - a process…
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