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The Life and Death of Talos Valcoran the Soul Hunter.

Talos Valcoran the Soul Hunter, so-called for the tortured, prophetic dreams suffered by this Astartes. Former Apothecary, leader of First Claw, and son to a murdered father. Following Konrad Curze’s death, Talos was the first to hunt the assassin M’Shen in the name of vengeance, even though this disobeyed his Primarch’s last order. M’Shen was eventually killed by the Soul…
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Top 10 Hobby Stocking Fillers to Bankrupt you this Christmas.

The tree is up. You’ve managed to wrestle a turkey back home. Toys are bought and wrapped for the kids. Now, what to buy yourself? That’s the real conundrum. Or what to buy your partner? That awkward SOB with this weird hobby? Do they want an Ork? The salesperson sure does seem to think they…
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