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Into the Abyss: Sons of Horus Leviathan Dreadnought Commission Showcase

Into the Abyss: Sons of Horus Leviathan Dreadnought Commission Showcase Few images strike terror into the hearts of loyalists like the Leviathan Dreadnoughts of the Sons of Horus (especially in this edition). These monstrous war machines, once defenders of humanity, now stand as twisted remnants of a bygone era, symbols of a legion that turned…
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Grim Resolve: Death Guard Praetor Showcase

In the grim annals of the Horus Heresy, Death Guard emerged as the Terror of Old Night come again. Clad in indomitable Cataphractii armor, adorned with the iconography of decay and defiance, this commander embodied the Legion’s unyielding spirit. With a gaze that mirrored the abyssal void, and a halting voice that commanded both the…
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Horus Heresy Index Cover


How to paint the HORUS HERESY Lil’Legend is proud to present the most comprehensive guide on how to paint the Space Marine Legions that exist ANYWHERE. Painting the Legions Each Legion guide comes with at least one guide (in most cases we have video and PDF support) to Forge World standards. Mathew Kane has written…
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Horus Lupercal – Primarch of the Luna Wolves Commission

The Horus Lupercal Luna Wolves. This Priamrch, Horus Lupercal is a beast. Horus Lupercal Luna Wolves! It’s one of the most powerful models in the game and I had the pleasure to paint him as a LUNA WOLF. Horus Lupercal – The Luna Wolf Years The Primarch of the Luna Wolves is Horus Lupercal, and…
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Things That Make You Love And Hate Horus Ascended.

Horus Ascended is the best HQ choice in the GAME! He’s not the most versatile Primarch, but he’s got some really cool abilities that make him stand out on the battlefield. Here are some of my favorite things about this guy: Admittedly, this guy looks great on the table. If you’re a new player and…
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The Community Celebrates the Kratos – HORUS HERESY SPOTLIGHT

Last week I put out a call to the community for Kratos submissions. And I was not disappointed! We received a deluge of responses. Apologies to anyone who was not featured. But feast your eyes on these beauties! Maloki Paints

All You Need To Know About Sons of Horus Kratos.

Sons Of Horus Kratos “The Legionaries Astartes had a huge hole in their battle line – they needed a mainline battle tank.” We already had superheavies. We already had smaller support vehicles based on the Rhino chassis. So it’s lovely to get a tank that sits neatly between these classes. A donkey to carry the…
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How to Paint: Sons of Horus Dreadnought Masterclass

How to Paint: Sons of Horus Dreadnought by Lil’Legend Studio. How to Paint: Sons of Horus Dreadnought Masterclass. A Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought is an ancient Imperial cybernetic combat walker that houses the hounoured dead of the Legion.  In death, duty does not end.  Like the current patterns of Dreadnought, the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought served as a…
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HORUS ASCENDED NEW MODEL The dawn of a new era: HORUSASCENDED marks the first of a new round of Primarch sculpts depicting these titans at the height of the Heresy. YES! A new batch of 18 sculpts. All your favourites done again, rendered in exquisite Forge World Resin. And if they all look this good,…
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How to paint The Faceless Knight – HORUS HERESY

The Faceless Knight The Faceless Knight pictured is my own take on the #returntoisstvan event exclusive miniature. A little fur here, a daemonic animal skull there, and I’ve indivdualised an already unique miniature! This lord amongst traitors has been painted toward the latter end of the Great Heresy. He is embittered, hardened by the atrocities…
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