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Who, or what were 30K Blackshields? HORUS HERESY

30K Blackshields “I shall not be by him imprinted, nor by his sin disfigured.“  Inscription acid-etched into the armour of unnamed “Blackshield” Legionary The term “Blackshield” was an umbrella term for the myriad of factions that sprung up during the Age of Darkness – the interim period of civil conflict between the massacres at Istvaan and the…
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Collected Visions: A Blackshield’s Road to Terra

We were blind, brothers! We were blind to the mania of our genefather, blind to the falsehoods around us, blind to mischief and deception. But we shall be blind no longer! We are araukhnetar, the blind now seeing – and what I see is a war of vengeance and the traitor’s blood on our blades!…
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Blackshield Commander El Cid.

It is a basilisk unto mine eye,  Kills me to look on’t.  Dramaturge Shakespire. The Age of Darkness (approx. 004.M31 – 014.M31) spawned many terrors to the universe. The nascent Imperium convulsed in the fires of the Horus Heresy, emptying vast resources of munitions, manpower, archeotech, and most vitally – Astartes. It became apparently early on that…
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