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Who is Dominion Zephon? Blood Angel HORUS HERESY Commission

Dominion Zephon, The Paragon of Restoration, The Bringer of Sorrow. Zephon was a remnant of the Legion, left on Terra in a ceremonial role after his maiming during the Great Crusade. Unusually, the bionic replacements did not take, and Zephon was left to serve within the Crusader Host on Terra. You can find the story…
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Dominion Zephon, The Bringer of Sorrow. Personal Piece.

If you’ve followed me for any sort of time you know that I’m a sucker for two things. 90’s era Blood Angels NOSTALGIA. It’s part of the reason why I still paint miniatures. It triggers the same happy receptors in the brain that fired when I was a kid. Most kids have Luke Skywalker. Others…
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