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5 MUST HAVE paints?

What are the must-have colours you need to create your art? Every artist has go-to colours. Those slippery eels manage to worm their way onto your palette no matter the project. I’ve been especially aware of my own shifting proclivities developing miniature painting courses over the years. Like your favourite movie or colour, my ‘top…
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Redgrass Games Wet Palette Paper 2nd Gen. Review.

Evolution or gimmick? That’s the tension whenever a new hobby product hits the market. It’s flattering to be sent materials like this from a company to review, and in a small way, you feel a level of legitimacy within a silly hobby painting toys. We’ve seen a greater degree of sophistication when advertising toward the…
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Brushes, Not printers: Miniature Painters brush guide 2020.

I had to bin off the printer I bought. It was too low a spec, and I was talked into upgrading by the same sellers. It’s sitting in a box behind me, opened but nothing removed. It looks bare, vulnerable to an uncaring universe. That’s the pebble slipping off the mountain that caused the landslide…
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