From Silence to Fury: Noise Marine Conversion showcase.

From Silence to Fury: Noise Marine Conversion showcase.

This piece, a collaborative effort with Luke Mockeridge (make sure to follow him if you haven’t already), perfectly captures his wild imagination. It exudes a grim-dark, Blanch-esque vibe, skillfully melding various kits from different manufacturers into a cohesive whole. While I can’t pinpoint every component in this conversion, I can confirm that the primary body originates from Kingdom Death.

The paint job had to match the inventive spirit of the conversion. Vibrant fluorescent paints, playful pinks, and a riot of clashing colors were employed. A significant challenge lay in translating the music onto the miniature—an ephemeral weapon wielded with great finesse by the Sonic Marine.

To highlight this musical prowess, trailing smoke was strategically added. The clash of colors and discordant shifts in hue not only enhanced the overall aesthetic but also served to frame the miniature, giving it a dynamic presence. For those curious about the painting process, a comprehensive tutorial will soon be available on our Patreon courses.

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