Bayard’s Revenge Commission – The Dark Art of Vengence

Bayard’s Revenge commission.

Even within 40k’s brutal Universe, there are some scores that just need to be settled.

For any lover of Aaron Dembski Bowden’s Armageddon, this scene will be particularly sweet revenge.

Unleashing Bayard’s Wrath:

In “Armageddon,” Dembski-Bowden plunges readers into the heart of the sprawling conflict on the planet Armageddon, where the forces of chaos and the mighty Ork hordes threaten to overrun humanity’s defenses. Amidst this chaos, Bayard, a loyal Black Templars Battle-Brother, emerges as a figure of vengeance against the alien.

Bayard’s story unfolds against the backdrop of Armageddon’s relentless war, where the Imperium’s forces are stretched thin, and hope is scarce. In the face of insurmountable odds, the Black Templars forge ahead, their righteous fury pushing them to the brink of madness.

Driven by a Personal Vendetta

Bayard’s motivation for revenge stems from a deeply personal tragedy. In a dramatic turn of events, the noble Black Templar watches his entire squad get annihilated by a merciless Warboss. This tragic loss fuels Bayard’s thirst for retribution, transforming him into an instrument of wrath.

Legacy of the Black Templars:

“Armageddon” not only presents Bayard’s gripping story but also delves into the legacy of the Black Templars Chapter. Known for their relentless pursuit of justice and their unyielding dedication to the Emperor, the Black Templars exemplify the grim determination of the Space Marines.

But how to translate this into a paint job? The client had the answer. He wanted to have the model set on a world cracking apart under bombardment. In the chaos, the revenge is taken upon the ORK

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Bayard’s Revenge stands as a testament to the enduring theme of the Warhammer 40K universe – the dying of the light. The miniature is a wonderful collector’s piece for a painter or player.

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