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INDEX: How to Paint Warhammer 40K: Tutorials

INDEX: How to Paint Warhammer 40K: Tutorials Welcome to the guides on how to paint everything in the 40K Universe. This index collects all of our basing tutorials and is continually being added to. If you would like to access ALL of these materials and the Video Library subscribe to the Patreon courses for $15…
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TUTORIAL: Ibraham Gaunt Tutorial Masterclass.

Give any man the power of a god, and you better hope he’s got the wisdom and morals of a god to match. Dan Abnett – First and Only.   Ibraham Gaunt, the Ghost Maker, Imperial Commissar, and a damn fine miniature. Welcome to the 3 part video course detailing how to get the most…
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WARHAMMER 40,000 Gaunts Ghosts Commission.

MEN OF TANITH! DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER?! Ibram Gaunt This was the first Warhammer I book I read, Gaunt’s Ghost: First and Only. The universe was still expanding and Abnett was an unknown quanitiy. I had no idea how much this universe would shape my life. When I think of the Ghost’s it’s…
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