WARHAMMER 40,000 Gaunts Ghosts Commission.


Ibram Gaunt

This was the first Warhammer I book I read, Gaunt’s Ghost: First and Only. The universe was still expanding and Abnett was an unknown quanitiy. I had no idea how much this universe would shape my life. When I think of the Ghost’s it’s the above image I think of.

Ibram Gaunt

The new rendition of Gaunt is very good. Although a chain sword and screaming at the top of your lungs doesn’t make for very good stealth maneuvers, it does make for a cool model. There’s just enough detail to challenge you, but enough negative space to create atmospheric fades. Overall I used a desaturated colour palette to give a more militaristic, grounded feel to the squad. I often use these sorts of palettes when it comes to armies based heavily on real-world regiments.

Oan Mkoll must be the pick of the bunch – what an amazing model. Even if you aren’t familiar with the universe, you instantly know the character.

The old man himself, the one who keeps it all together. A wonderful commanding gesture and a large enough cloak to practice cammo on the cloak.

I’ve filmed every last brushstroke of this squad for the patreon that you can access for $15! And that includes the entire backcatelogue.

Gaunt’s Ghosts.

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