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Grim Resolve: Death Guard Praetor Showcase

In the grim annals of the Horus Heresy, Death Guard emerged as the Terror of Old Night come again. Clad in indomitable Cataphractii armor, adorned with the iconography of decay…
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How to Paint Death Guard Masterclass

How to Paint Death Guard by Lil’Legend Studio. The implacable heralds of the reaper, the Deathguard are Mortarion’s Unbroken Blades. It was said of the Romanii that they would create…
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Death Guard Land Raider Spartan Commission.

“As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion.” Antisthenes Pinto Wallow my friends, in enamel, pigment and oil. This legion, more so than…
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