Grim Resolve: Death Guard Praetor Showcase

In the grim annals of the Horus Heresy, Death Guard emerged as the Terror of Old Night come again.

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Clad in indomitable Cataphractii armor, adorned with the iconography of decay and defiance, this commander embodied the Legion’s unyielding spirit. With a gaze that mirrored the abyssal void, and a halting voice that commanded both the living and the plagued, the Praetor led his Legion through the miasma of betrayal, determined to honor loyalty even in the face of corruption. In the heart of darkness, the Death Guard Praetor stood unflinching, a sentinel of resilience against the tides of heresy.

This Praetor offered an oppurutiy to test out a new recipe for the death guard. I’ve always loved the slightly greyer version seen in Visions of Heresy and thought was better to trail it than here.

This new recipe will be made available via out Patreon. In the mean time, you can check out our Death Guard Masterclass series right now by clicking on Mortation above.

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