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#returntoisstvan – Visual Library of Choral City, The Precentors Palace & Siren Hold.

Istvaan III had two primary battlefronts: The Precentor’s Palace and The Siren Hold within Choral City. The images have been gathered from the Forge World’s Betrayal and the Horus Heresy Trading Card game. Unfortunately, most images do not have a description of where they are set. I’ve used my best judgement based on the descriptions…
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Ante Bellum: Court of Eidolon Concept army.

Faction Emperor’s Children Focus Advanced Cost £439 “And besides, we are changing. Our pleasures will soon be our masters. While we remember how to order a Legion, we must make the most of it.” Eidolon. From “The Path of Heaven.” This is not an army. This is not a collection designed to be played in-game…
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