Ante Bellum: Court of Eidolon Concept army.

FactionEmperor’s Children

“And besides, we are changing. Our pleasures will soon be our masters. While we remember how to order a Legion, we must make the most of it.”

Eidolon. From “The Path of Heaven.”

This is not an army.

This is not a collection designed to be played in-game as the primary focus.

I love The Path of Heaven by Chris Wraight, particularly the depiction of Eidolon and the IIIrd. So often our antagonists are depicted as sniveling idiots, easily overcome by the brilliance of their opponents and their own ineptitude.

Eidolon is granted a measure of grace in this story. His decisions are well reasoned, even if twisted. You understand why he rose to a position of power within the Legion. He is not an idiot, but a character of subtlety and surety of purpose.

The army below is a snapshot in time, a depiction of the force that crushed the White Scars at Kalium. The Emperor’s Children are evolving into something else. The more chaotic elements are grouped in ranks of six, whereas the Palatine Blades follow the decima legion system.

The army uses the 3rd company elite to unlock Kakophoni as troops and give them the Relentless special rule. They become a lot more usable in-game within this structure. I’ve also chosen to use Angel Tears as the basis of my command squad with a Sons of Horus command squad to convert them. You will have leftover parts for the additional unit of Kakophoni you will buy for this force.

Konenos can be converted from the Sons of Horus Praetor that comes with the command set. If you haven’t read the story I’d urge you to do so before you find out why an apothecary has forbidden psychic powers.

To boost it up to rounded 2K add a Dreadnought or Rhinos. I was happy to leave the list at this point as I fulfilled my vision.

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