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#Return to Isstvan: Ollie’s Tip of the Spear.

DOOT DOOT blare the sirens. Mnemonic psalms resonate from the throats of cyber cherubs. Hallelujah, it is done. We have our second completed army for the #returntoisstvan project. Ollie is a well-known face around the UK scene. Painter, gamer, lover…of the lore, Ollie indulges in all aspects of the hobby with gusto. It is my…
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#returntoisstvan Month 1 round-up.

The project launched with a BANG and has continued apace. Even with Forgeworld’s doors being closed there is still some hot heresy action as modelers rifle through their mountain of unpainted resin and plastic.  The project is still in its early stages, refining itself with each new conversation. A date has been set to complete…
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