#returntoisstvan Month 1 round-up.

The project launched with a BANG and has continued apace. Even with Forgeworld’s doors being closed there is still some hot heresy action as modelers rifle through their mountain of unpainted resin and plastic. 

The project is still in its early stages, refining itself with each new conversation. A date has been set to complete the project; the 1st of December 2020. 

This date has a few caveats and is more than likely to change. However, line in the sand must be drawn, and that was as good a line as any. It’s an arbitrary date set to focus the mind and the hobby fingers. 

If you shoot over it – no problem! Carry on painting.

If you get your project done in that time – great! Paint more. 

There is some tentative talk about hosting an event at Warhammer World at the end of the year, but a hard date has yet to be set. Let’s have a look at what our generals have been producing this month:

Myles David

This month I have been primarily dawdling. It’s an important part of the creative process. To ponder. To daydream. If you can’t spend a few hours in your own world, who else would want to? That’s a pretty inventive way of saying procrastinating, no?

The Forge World sourcebook, Betrayer, has yielded some fascinating experiments in black. The aim was to recreate the coal-black and bronze of the Justaerin. I think I have a recipe, I just need to block ion the golds, silvers, and get a test done. 

Dan Palfrey

With Forge World still closed for business, this month has been dedicated to refining the concept of my list and practicing the paint scheme. So far I have painted 4 tactical marines and have got to the point where I’m pretty comfortable with rolling it out to the rest of the force (as soon as I can buy it!).

In regards to the army list, my original plan was to have Eidolon leading a large squad of assault marines in a decapitation strike at the enemy warlord. The rest of the army is made up of disparate units that have fallen under Eidolon’s command. I like the idea that these units are following his lead yet he is so arrogant he barely knows they are there, so wrapped up is he in his pursuit of glory (ie slaying the enemy warlord) that army organization has gone out of the window.

I can imagine the lower ranking officers coordinating the assault and being the ones actually in charge while their ‘glorious leader’ swoops off on his own, followed by his sycophantic pack of yes-men.

However, I am also toying with the idea of switching the list up entirely and going with a Seeker-heavy army. The thought behind this idea is that the army would be a team of elite marksmen sent to murder priority targets ahead of the main advance. I’m not sure if it fits the theme for Isstvan or the Emperor’s Children though so, like Myles I am dawdling and trying to decide.

When Forge World opens I may just see where my impulses pull me!

Even though Forge World hasn’t opened yet we have one member who has FINISHED their army! Here are few highlights from social media under the hashtag #returntoisstvan

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