Tag: Mechanicum Magos

Mechanicum Magos Techncus Tertius Archamius Salwain. Taghmata Ovversyne. Personal Piece.

The IXth and the mechanicum have ever had a strained relationship. The aloof presence of the Angel seemed to distain the mundane processes of technology, and his personal tally of God Engine kills drew many dissenters from Mars.  On Angels; Relfections of the IXth, the Heresy Wars and the sundering of the legions. Witnesser Simberg.…
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Anacharis Scoria, the Xanophane. Commission.

Anacharis Scoria, The Xanophane Tyrant,the Fallen Master, Lord of the Nine Cohorts, and The Apostate Magister. He of many, endless names. This is an incredibly testing miniature to paint. There are lots of details, with a small central focus. It’s easy to lose the face in the cluster of detail demanding your attention. The magenta under glow…
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