Mechanicum Magos Techncus Tertius Archamius Salwain. Taghmata Ovversyne. Personal Piece.

The IXth and the mechanicum have ever had a strained relationship. The aloof presence of the Angel seemed to distain the mundane processes of technology, and his personal tally of God Engine kills drew many dissenters from Mars. 

On Angels; Relfections of the IXth, the Heresy Wars and the sundering of the legions. Witnesser Simberg.

I go through phases.

This piece was painted during my colour shift phase. Everything I painted around this time had some plate or piece of armour with colour shift. Martain Green by Green Stuff World is a tricky paint to use, but with some finesse can be used to create some wonderful effects.

You can find a full 4K video tutorial here or a free PDF explaining the application of colour shift paints.

This is a custom scheme for my personal Taghmata: Ovversyne. Like the 166th they are flotsam, drifting in the chaotic tides of the Ruinstorm. Allies of convenience, the Ovversyne confederacy were locked in a stalemate with rival factions on their mining Halo; Xc8888Y – Stalagmite.

The IXth, upon entering the system heard the rival petitions for their aid, and ultimately sided with the Ovversyne, conducting rapid Zone Mortalis actions to secure the entire Halo for their usage.

Archamius is the most senior Magos of the Mechanicum to accompany the 166th, with a guarded host of Taghmata. Offering technical support for the failing fleet and a powerful ally, Archamius would go on to lead sorties on Luna and even land of sacred Mars itself. His ultimate fate is unrecorded.

The scheme was created as a counterpoint to my IXth. Muted colours with gree/turquoise, heavily weathered, tattered robes and sickly pale skin.

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