Tag: Mournival

The Lie of FALKUS KIBRE the Widow Maker. Horus Heresy.

Falkus Kibre “I thought the Luna Wolves were supposed to be the most aggressive of us all. That’s how you like the other legions to think of you, isn’t it? The most feared of mankind’s warrior classes?” “Our reputation speaks for itself, sir.” Loken to Sigismund. The Legions were organized in line with the personalities…
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Faceless Knight – Collector Edition Commission

Faceless Knight  ‘You lost the standard,’ said Aximand. ‘You ought to impale yourself on that spike of yours.’ ‘You will all die here,’ said the Ultramarine. Aximand turned the polearm aside with Mourn-it-all’s blade. He spun inside its reach. His elbow smashed the Ultramarine’s face. The warrior staggered, but didn’t fall. ‘If you must fight…
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