Faceless Knight – Collector Edition Commission

Faceless Knight 

‘You lost the standard,’ said Aximand. ‘You ought to impale yourself on that spike of yours.’

‘You will all die here,’ said the Ultramarine.

Aximand turned the polearm aside with Mourn-it-all’s blade. He spun inside its reach. His elbow smashed the Ultramarine’s face.

The warrior staggered, but didn’t fall. ‘If you must fight an Ultrama–’

Aximand plunged Mourn-it-all through the vexillary’s breastplate until the quillons struck the glittering Ultima on his plastron.

‘I know,’ said Aximand. ‘Make sure you kill him.’

Age of Darkness


Painted as a one-off piece for a collector, this sculpt was made by the unbelievably talented Lux Thanator. There are 3 elements to get right on this piece. The face, the blade and the armour.

The armour is the easiest element to nail as I simply leaned on my Malhogurst the Twisted tutorial which simplifies the Sons of Horus scheme developed for studio paint jobs.

The face- this face is iconic, having been cut off in a fight with Hibou Khan and reattached. Famously resembling the Primarch, this disfigurement made him look more like Horus, not less. I made sure to flush the skin tone, to add a lot of magenta tones contrasted with buttery yellow highlights. the back of the scalp is a little bit of a mystery, as I’m not sure if it’s pure bone showing through. I either way I desaturated the colour to play against the face. It’s easy to paint these types of faces as the sculpting is so good.

The blade – I’m keeping that one to myself until I release the tutorial in this year’s Patreon Advent Calendar. You can find last year’s entries here – 25 days, 25 treats!

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