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Blood Angel Praetor Belsarius

Blood Angel Praetor Belarius. The Encarmine Blade

Blood Angel Praetor Belarius. The Encarmine Blade. “Throughout history Angels are agents of wrath, or revelation.”Unknown.  Khalu Varrchio, Belarius 1:14, Seraph Sanguinary of the Fifth Host. “The Encarmine Blade”. “Charting…
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Tutorial: Custodes Masterclass Series

Invested in authority absolute, the Custodes are the Imperial mandate made manifest. Armed with steel and armoured in Gold, the Custodes make a striking force on the battlefield. They challenge…
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Tribune Ixion Hale Custodes Commission

Everyone has a Custodes army that they somehow collected over the years. It’s easy enough. Three-man squads are easy to accrue, easy to paint and a force takes shape rapidly.…
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Valdor, First of the Ten Thousand.

Constantin Valdor Captain-General of the Legio Custodes. The First of the Ten Thousand. The Shield of the Emperor. When you think of this time period there are a few names…
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