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From Silence to Fury: Noise Marine Conversion showcase.

From Silence to Fury: Noise Marine Conversion showcase. This piece, a collaborative effort with Luke Mockeridge (make sure to follow him if you haven’t already), perfectly captures his wild imagination. It exudes a grim-dark, Blanch-esque vibe, skillfully melding various kits from different manufacturers into a cohesive whole. While I can’t pinpoint every component in this…
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Ephrael Stern The Hammer of Witches

July 2020 has been an exhausting month, so it is with no short measure of relief that Ephrael Stern is complete. A miniature that reflects the energetic, and sometimes frantic nature of this year. Check out the video tutorial below for how the base was painted. Please feel free to share, and if you enjoyed…
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The Last Phoenix, Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor’s Children. Commission.

The last Phoenix, Lord of the IIIrd, Fulgrim resplendent. This commission was to show Fulgirm in the midst of war, plunging headlong into the enemy. We needed a helmet! The Custodian Vertus Praetors (plastic jetbikes) offered a wonderful basis for the conversion. The High Elf Lord riding a Griffin, from the now out of production…
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