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CRIMSON COURT Prince Duvalle Commission

“Surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death.“ Vlad Von Carstien When I think of a Vampire in Warhammer, I will think of this sculpt. It has the classic noble pose, domineering, sneering, flamboyant, and slightly condescending. The client made mention of why he would be looking at his…
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CRIMSON COURT Gorath the Enforcer Commission.

CRIMSON COURT Gorath the Enforcer “The blood is life… and it shall be mine!” Dracula, Bram Stoker One of the many great things of the Crimson Court set are the different archetypes present in the Warhammer mythos. Stolen Inspired by Bram Stoker, Dracula incarnates himself in different forms throughout the film. The beast, the bat,…
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