CRIMSON COURT Prince Duvalle Commission

Surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death.

Vlad Von Carstien

When I think of a Vampire in Warhammer, I will think of this sculpt. It has the classic noble pose, domineering, sneering, flamboyant, and slightly condescending. The client made mention of why he would be looking at his hand like that and wanted me to paint droplets of blood there.

As if he were offended that a drop of enemy blood should stain him.

The Games Workshop boxed art for this is tremendous, I truly was standing on the shoulder of giants with this piece. I only gave my own spin on things, adding volumes to the flat planes of armour, and spiking the highlight with blue. ‘Eavier Metal painters, especially the style crops some pretty harsh criticism, but there is a lot to be gained from studying their work. It’s not only the crispness of their work (which you should study) but the colour selections and details that are coming into more complex sculpt (especially in the AOS range).

This sculpts alone has me reconsidering my plans for the relaunch of the Old World line by Forge World. Any long-time followers will know I’m a Druchii nut – but has that time in my life passed? Should I let that part of my collecting days stay dead, and whatever the new, OId World brings, collect a force that I have no former ties with? Do I like painting skeletons that much? The future holds many wonders and horrors.

Happy Haloween!

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