Solomon Demeter

Solomon Demeter was Captain of the Second Company, Emperor’s Children, who played a major role in Fulgrim. He remained loyal to the Emperor but was badly wounded in the firestorm on Istvaan. While defending the Precentor’s Palace, Demeter discovered Lucius fighting against a group of Astartes and came to his aid. It was not until only Lucius and Demeter remain that he realizes that Lucius is returning to the Legion, and he has unwittingly aided a traitor. After a short struggle, Lucius kills Demeter. In his last moments, Solomon weeps, not for himself, but because he sees and understands the destruction Horus will cause.

This commission was a very special one for me. It was one of those jobs you dream of as a commission artist. Painting line infantry is all well and good, but getting the chance to bring one of the characters to life from the Heresy books sprinkles a little stardust on my schedule.

Alexis Pollux is the basis of the conversion, using the body, shield and shoulder guards. Lugft Huron’s head was chosen alongside an Ultramarine Praetorian helmet to swap between display and gaming. The Phoenix did not raise stupid sons, but he did raise vain ones. The remainder of the piece draws from the Imperial Fist range, upgrade sets and Emperor’s Children brass etch, all bought from Forgeworld. I was not contracted to paint the base, and so is presented here resplendent upon a Lafayette 1920 cork base.

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  1. Manu says:

    Great job. I was looking for a Solomon Demeter picture and this conversion is nice.

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