Sagnuinius The Great Angel

Lord of Angels, Sanguinius, Priamrch of the IXth.

I’ve been waiting to paint this piece since I read the Angels of Death Codex since I was 9 years old! This miniature is nothing short of a masterpiece. Pictures I’ve seen online haven’t done the sculpt justice (and I doubt these will either). It’s is so dynamic and beautiful.

Painting something this complex proved to be a challenge. The wings alone take 6 hours to paint! There is a lot of gold and yellow elements to contend with. How do you make the face stand out against the armour? Or the hair?

The answer lies in colour theory. By adding small amounts of complementary colours into shadows we can transform a monotone paint job into something with a well-defined structure.

Notes of interest: make sure you examine the different metallics used to reflect the fire sprouting at his base.

The wings took 6 hours to complete and used overlapping blue/grey to yellow ivory. Even though these were oure white, ambient light effects the end result.

I love the Spear in-game, but I think he looks better with the sword!

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3 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    Could I just ask how did you paint the spikes coming out the base? I’m really struggling with it. Cheers in advance

    • Myles says:

      Sure thing. I base coated it with a dark green and dry brushed it with thunderhawk blue. That was the basis at least before adding OSL. Hope that helps!

      • Rob says:

        Awesome ? thanks!those metal spikes don’t look blue/green, your blending skills are dick!Stupid question what’s osl?

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