Blood Angels Contemptor- Incaendius Class Dreadnought Commission.

The Incaendius Dreadnought has to be one of the craziest concepts to come out of the Forge World team for a while. It is a dreadnought that is armed with a JUMP PACK! That can jump from low orbit into battle. What the hell?

I have painted two of these as part of a larger commissioned Blood Angel Host, one traditional red, and this experimental piece. The black is a prototype recipe for the official Dark Angels scheme I will be creating a masterclass for. The highlights don’t peak to pure white but instead peaks to a dirty bone. The Dreadnought has just crash-landed on a planet, his armour plating will not have the pristine shine of polished armour.

Weathering powder was used to create a sense of energy, mud splashing against the side of his legs and central coffin-cradle.

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