Ante Bellum: IIIrd Legion Mara Skara Army List

In this series of articles our Master at Arms, Jonathan Strugnell, will develop army concepts for the nightmare battlefields of the Horus Heresy. Struggling to find an army list that suits your style? Baffled by the older 7th ed rule system? We’re here to offer a guide.

FactionEmperor’s Children
FocusBeginners entry army

Emperor’s Children Maru Skara.

‘Can it be possible for a thing to be too perfect?’ asked Fulgrim. ‘Surely everything that is beautiful and noble is the product of reason and calculation.’ 

Fulgrim, Graham McNeill

I wanted a solid entry-level Emperor’s Children that use all the toys. The army is styled on the Maru Skara Rite of War. This embodies the IIIrd legion’s strive for perfection and is a popular choice to theme a force. This army is thematic, takes a variety of specialist units and can hold its own in-game while not breaking the bank.

The Maru Skara allows you to outflank 1-3 elite or fast units, plus their transport and attached characters. They come in on the turn you note down before the game starts (always choose turn 2!)

This list gives so many options. Do you want to outflank Eidolon and 10 palatine warriors? Go for it. How about a Contemptor talon? Sure! Fulgrim in a Land Raider with Phoenix Terminators? You dirty power gamer.

Granted, the Emperor’s Children are not the easiest to use. They require finesse to wield effectively. This army relies on mobility to pick your charges. This list has lots of fast units, so use them! The Emperor’s Children are perfect all aspects of warfare, this list exemplifies their melee superiority. You pick the perfect time, dictate the flow of the game and prove to your enemies why you were the only legion to bear his Aquila!

This force will struggle against more refined, battle-hardened collections and armies that lean toward specialization (armoured column). This list gives you a good platform to decide where you want to take your collection. The units here will find a home no matter which style of play you choose.

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