Alpharius, Lord of Snakes, Primarch of the Alpha Legion. Commission

“I am Alpharius”


Alpharius, lord of snakes, the Primarch of the Alpha Legion. Commission piece.

The Alpha Legion are tricky to get right. When researching how to paint a legion I often go back through older guides, as many people have formed an impression of a paint scheme when they first got into the hobby. My Blood Angels, for example, use more orange in the upper mid-tone in comparison to the magenta/red-leaning hues of today. You can’t do this with the Alpha Legion.

Each new edition has seen a new colour scheme. From the 2nd edition midnight blue, 3rd edition purple with green accents, to the modern Forgeworld colour shift. There is no definitive scheme because they are a legion that loves to infuriate.

I have created 2 versions of Alpharius for the tutorial masterclass, one using non metallic techniques and one using true metallic with colour shifting elements. Nothing is as it first seems as you look at the miniature, with each surface reflecting unusual ambient hues.

Even the oils aren’t oils! The piece is a liar and the paint scheme is purposefully duplicitous.

The template was set by Forgeworld’s wonderful rendition. The magenta eye lenses and crown is a wonderful compliment to the green/blue hues that dominate the piece. Silver and white frame the miniature with a black cloak and tabard to act as breakers in the composition. Writing these retrospectives is chronic for my wallet, as during the course of constructing this article I’ve bought another to paint for myself.

Hydra Dominatus.

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