White Scar Praetor

Blood will have Blood, Sorrow piles upon Sorrow, Vengenace breeds Vengeance.

Ancient Terran Proverb,

What is your first memory of the Scars? Mine is Paul Sawyer’s (former White Dwarf editor) White Scar army. A beautiful mix of conversions, pen black lining and bright orange-red with gleaming white. The Scars have come a long way since then, but we must remember the roots.

This scheme is inspired by the many great works artists have done with the White Scars over the years (in particular Liam Hearne’s wonderful army). For this piece, I wanted to stay away from the clean white of Chogorian plate and introduce a dirty blue to shade the armour, instead of the light turquoise/baby blue I have seen before. The pauldron trim was also changed, with a red copper in place of the red guard. The Heresy is a wonderful place to experiment with these changes in hue, as the legions were huge!

The red copper was an attempt to ground the more fantastical elements of the scheme. The red has a brown tinge to it to suggest leather, horseback riding, a more practical way of living. Orange/red was used to highlight as a nod to previous generations.

There’s a full 4K video tutorial on how I painted this miniature on the link below. Enjoy!

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