White Scar Thunderhawk Commission.

I wish this kit was more widely used in games. Given their prominence in the lore, it’s a shame that they are relegated to the one-off, the special game had every once and a while. This is a recurring conversation I have with one student.

“The Stormbird rules should be Thunderhawk rules, and make the Stormbird better.”

The kit is fantastic. This is the redesigned Thunderhawk sold by Forgeworld. It slips together so well and is surprisingly easy to paint. It straddles that divide between being cumbersome to hold when painting and to small as to be out of scale.

It’s not to hot, not to cold…it’s just right.

I used the painting guide for the White Scars that you can access below. I was keen to use muted tones of light grey blue/green rather than pure white to highlight. The red is a lot darker that the praetor. This vehicle has to endure re-entry and will suffer from discoloration.

Happy painting everyone!

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