Titanicus Warlord Commission

Warlord Titan Bellum Krast, Legio Praesagus, “The True Messengers’. Commission piece.

BOOM! Titnaicus is announced with an impending release date. How the hell should I paint these? I know nothing about the titan legions!

Nosing my way through the online wiki’s a phrase caught my eye:

There can be no greater hatred than the one reserved for traitors to your own kind. They are just like us, except in every way that matters.

— Princeps Ultima Dae Vergos, Legio Praesagius, during the Crusade of Iron

The Legio were principally associated with the Ultramarines, with their heraldry reflecting the classic blue, gold and white of the 500 worlds. I knew approaching this project that I wanted to develop a creative way to paint marble and use unusual true metallic methods to give a sense of scale.

The scale was a big thing I wanted to address. Oil staining, chipping, all staples of the usual painting method would look completely overblown on something this large. grappling with these concepts and working through a new set of weathering principals was enjoyable. Like a good puzzle, it taxes your problem-solving ability and creativity.

The marble technique has blown up since I first launched this series. It has seen a raft of armies, from single piece miniatures, tanks, Titans spring up. Hell it has even started businesses where people paint nothing but bases! I’m proud to have contributed to such an amazing creative endeavor.

If you would like your own True Messenger Legio painted please get in touch! Or learn how to create your own marble and azure.

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