Valentus Dolor, Tetrach of Ultramar. Commission

To take a town, send a legionary. To take a city, send a squad. To take a world, send a company. To take a culture, send a Chapter.

Popular Ultramarine aphorism.

Commissions like this rarely come around. This piece was created alongside four other Tetrarch models to represent the upper command structure of the XIIIth legion at the time of the Shadow Crusade.

Tetrach Dolor ruled the planet Occluda and served as the champion of Roboute Guilliman. He also commanded the secret police of the Ultramar system named the Vigil Opertii. When the Primarch set sail for Terra it was left to Dolor to command the 500 worlds. This character played a huge role in shaping the system as we know it in the current setting.

This piece was directly inspired by the wonderful work of Matthew Kane and Andy Wardle, without whom this project would not exist. I added my own spin with custom iconography on the cloak and a change of legs. Eidolon’s ostentatious leg filigree clashed with the utilitarian nature of the character, and I felt using Garro as the basis would be more fitting.

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