Necromunda Dramatis Persona: Apoco-Fist! Pit Slave Gladiator.

Life is tough Down-Hive. Taff-Sump eats the innocent and spits out abominations. Sometimes the only way to survive is to sacrifice your humanity.

Taken as an adolescent into the flesh syncs of Splott, the creature that would become Apoco-Fist took to the synthesized protein gruel and muscle grafts like a Sump-Kroc to water. Bought by Zhargo and thrown to the gladiator pits of his personal fighting circuit, Apoco-Fist earnt a reputation for slow, but spectacularly bloody finishes to his matches.

I had an idea. My Goliath Gang leader would have a lot of downtime in between settling border disputes. The first great gang war of the newly opened Taff-Sump had cooled, and there’s only so much iron you can pump. He would open a gym. And sponsor fighters. Then promote fights. Yes, that was a fine past time.

The first model to come from that was Apoco-Fist. This miniature came free in a white dwarf which I drilled and gouged and jammed all manner of wonderfully Orky parts into. The magenta under glow was created with fluorescent magenta, which was contrasted with yellow fluorescent paint airbrushed from the opposite direction to give the skin an unhealthy pallor.

If you would like to learn how to paint unhealthy skin tones, check out this tutorial.
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