Mortian Cyber Rat Boxed Art commission.

I don’t get the chance to paint boxed art for companies that often. The turn around times are often really tight, but Mortian’s ahead planning meant I could *just* about squeeze this in working in my free time. The sculpt sold it for me!

This piece is larger than you may think. It’s about the size of a classic boxed dreadnought, or a little larger than a Games Workshop Ogre. The detail is exquisite, but you have eyes – you can see how cool of a sculpt this is.

The colour palette evolved from the sample pieces of artwork sent to me that informed the kickstarter project. At the outset I knew I wanted OSL to show the underside of the sculpt that may otherwise be lost to shadow, and non-metallic metal to take clearer pictures. I knew that if I could get one panel right, the rest will fall into place. The right shoulder pad was developed with desaturated grey and brown with dull orange to weather it.

The colour palette came together when I repainted the gun in copper. The combination of copper and green helped form a basis to build the scheme.

Hera Miniatures Fluo pigments were essential in creating the green lava base and points of light on the gun. They’re a new product I’m not used to using, but the potential is huge.

The entire process was filmed. There’s over 18 hours worth of raw footage that I’ll be editing and releasing via the Patreon as soon as it’s done. I’m not sure if Mortian wants to use it as an add on, but it will be released in some fashion!

Having seen such luminaries as Angel Giraldez, Roman Lappat and K03rnl work on this it makes it a greater honour to be considered to paint this. Check out their versions – they’re awe-inspiring!

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